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The voice of your class The purpose of the Council is to give children a voice and to demonstrate that your opinions count.


Longspee Academy values the involvement of its pupils in decision making.

We achieve this through a very active Rights’ Respecting School Council which meets fortnightly and is made up of an elected school councillor from each class group. School councillors are chosen through an election process, where every child has the opportunity to submit an application, either through PowerPoint or a poster, on which the rest of the school vote. The voting process is completed confidentially and the results shared with the pupils through a whole school assembly.

The Rights’ Respecting School Council aims to improve involvement of pupils in whole school decisions and to allow the pupils to have a say on the things they think is most important. We do this by respecting the following rights:

Article 1 – Everyone under 18 has these rights.

Article 2 – I have the right to be listened to and taken seriously.

Article 15 – I have the right to meet with friends and join groups.

Article 42 – Everyone should know about the UNCRC.

Example of Rights’ Respecting School Council Agenda:

  • Mission Statement
  • SMSC award for Citizenship
  • Charity fundraising
  • Playground Charter



Thought of the week

Nelson Mandela Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.