Please see details of the Consultation on the significant changes to the SEN provision of Ambitions Academy Trust under the Letters Home page of our Website.


Placements are determined by the academy following referral from the local educational authorities at a Panel. It is expected that pupils will be in the age group catered for by the academy, and have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) in draft or finalised form. The local education authorities send details concerning the child to the academy.


An invitation is extended for those involved with the child to visit the academy. There will be opportunities to look around and ask sufficient questions to enable you to make a decision. You will be introduced to the probable class teacher of your child. During the visit the Principal, Vice Principal, Assistant Vice Principal or Pastoral Support Manager will meet with parents and carers to discuss the admission and to explain how Longspee operates.  If everyone is in agreement then a date is set for admission as soon as a place is available.


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